American Idol

Ethan Harris Sings!
For all the people who were waiting to hear Ethan sing. We never got the chance!
So, for you... Enjoy! And don't he and Tracie sound great together?
We haven't heard the last of him. Of that I am sure.
Ethan Harris Makes The Final Thirty on Idol!
He did it. He did it. He did it!
And we cannot wait to vote for him! We hope you will join us as we follow Ethan's journey on American Idol. He's a great guy, a wonderful talent, and he's one of our own.
From Garrattsville, Otsego County, all the the way to Hollywood, California, win or…
Ethan Harris American Idol Audition Tonight on Fox [Video]
After local talent, Kaitlyn Jackson of Norwich New York, sang her way to Hollywood, we can't wait for our other 2011 Jr Idol winner to face to the judges.  Tonight on American Idol, we'll see Morris Central School graduate, Ethan Harris audition for Harry Connick Jr, Jennifer Lopez, and Keith Urban.…
Catching Up With Kaitlyn Jackson
Kaitlyn Jackson joined us by telephone Tuesday morning less than a week after her appearance on the season debut of American Idol. She told us that the actual day of the audition was a long one, nerve wracking for her to be sure, but maybe more so for mom and dad who nervously awaited the judges dec…

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