Tuesday, 5 goats were rescued by the Susquehanna SPCA and Otsego County Sheriff's Deputies after they received a call on their animal cruelty hotline. According to shelter Executive Director Stacie Haynes, the goats were very thin and two will require significant treatment because of overgrown hooves but the other three should recover with basic care.

Haynes says they worked with the goat’s owner who allowed them to take the animals and are teaching him ways to care for his other. According to the SQSPCA, all the goats are now being cared for at Spring Farm Cares.

Below is video footage of the goats taken by the SQSPCA. The first three goats in this video are expected to fully recover but the last two with severe medical needs will require extensive care. Haynes states that there's a need for humane animal education and the need for more resources to help farmers.

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