Pet lovers! It's once again that time of the week for Susquehanna SPCA to spotlight one special pet that is available for adoption. This week, we are highlighting a special furry friend named Frankie. If you or someone you know is in search of a sweet addition to the family, look no further!

Susquehanna SPCA
Susquehanna SPCA

Frankie is a 16-year-old senior sweetheart who is searching for a loving home to spend his golden years in. Frankie is a lovely boy who wants nothing more than to get attention and relax. This handsome fellow is a great candidate for anyone who is interested in fostering a dog through the SQSPCA's Foster Program as well, as the shelter would love to find him placement as soon as possible.

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Folks interested in adopting Frankie should give the SQSPCA a call at 607-547-8111 for more information! Don't forget to check out our other featured Pets Of The Week.  Click here to do so!

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