UPDATE 3/4/21 (The day after this event) provided by the Susquehanna SPCA. Check out the slide show and click through to the Susquehanna SPCA's facebook page to view the update on Max and his quest for adoption. Well done Stacie Haynes!

(Posted Wednesday, March 3)

Imagine being confined in a dog kennel for a day? This is what dogs in shelters deal with every day, especially those who have a hard time getting adopted into a forever home. Stacie Haynes, Executive Director of the Susquehanna SPCA (just outside of Cooperstown) is trading places with a special long-time shelter resident, Max, a 5-year-old pit bull terrier mix today for 444 hours (7.4 hours).

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Why 444 hours? Haynes explains, "March 3 marks Max's 444th day here at our shelter. Max has been living in a kennel for over a year, with no comfy couch, no home or human to call his own, and an ever-changing parade of complete strangers judging both him and his behavior. Before that, he was in a different shelter for about four months."

The idea is to raise awareness of the less than perfect life of long-term pet residents at shelters and the importance of rehoming animals as soon as possible for their well-being. Of course shelter staff try to do their best to provide animals in their care with as much enrichment as possible while they are staying there, but it's much less than what these pets really need which is loving care in a forever home.

While Haynes is hanging out in Max's kennel today, Max will be enjoying his elevated position as the Executive Director at the shelter. No doubt he will spend his time doing what dogs love best: napping, playing, and eating. I doubt he'll be making any decisions affecting shelter operations since he'll be too busy enjoying plenty of attention from staff.


Haynes won't have it easy in Max's kennel. She comments, "My 444 minutes in a kennel is just a drop in the bucket compared to how long Max has had to wait to get out of a shelter and into a real home where he can truly relax and be himself. Our hope is that by bringing attention to Max's story -- and the plight of shelter dogs in general -- we can help him make his perfect match. His guardian angel is out there somewhere".

If you're interested in adopted Max he is described as "a terrific dog who enjoys bouncy balls, snuggling on the couch, long walks and swimming in the creek on hot summer days."  You can learn more about Max by calling the SQSPCA at 607-547-8111, extension 102 and to learn more about the Susquehanna SPCA and other adoptable pets, visit sqspca.org.


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