If you're in the market for a new, furry addition to the family, we've got great news for you! Our Super Heros Humane Society Pet of the Week this week is a resilient girl looking for a loving home. Her name is Pastel and she's got quite an incredible story.


This lady.. my gosh what a transformation! Pastel came to us because she was bitten pretty seriously by a dog and needed help. Upon entry she was extremely agitated, and our staff feared she would end up a working cat. She was sedated in order to have her wound attended to and was spayed as well. Less than a week later, she hesitantly allowed the drain to be removed from her wound. After that, (within minutes of getting back to the shelter) she realized she was feeling much better and might actually enjoy all the attention she was getting. A week later, this gorgeous girl has had her sutures removed and is feeling great! Now she is absolutely full of purrs and headbutts. Pastel lovesssss attention and a good scratchin! She is ready to find her forever family and curl up for some serious cuddle time!

Put in an adoption application with Super Heroes Humane Society today!

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