Brace yourself for an onslaught of traffic in Oneonta starting on August 20 as first year SUNY Oneonta students begin to arrive on campus and then the following day, both SUNY and Hartwick College first year students come into town.  But wait, there's more...then we have similar schedules for each college with returning students coming in on August 24 (SUNY) and 25 (SUNY + Hartwick). That's when the traffic madness really gets into high gear.

It's always an adjustment for area residents with the population of Oneonta suddenly doubling.  So my advice is avoid West Street if possible since that is where both colleges are located.  Also, breathe deeply and try to relax, especially when you're driving around town.  Remember, we rely on the student population for not only spurring the local economy, but the two colleges add many opportunities for arts and culture to be enjoyed.  In my opinion, without the college students, Oneonta wouldn't remotely be as interesting as it is.

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