Styx have released a video featuring a performance of their track “Radio Silence” that was recorded live on Aug. 19 in Syracuse, N.Y., during their United We Rock tour with REO Speedwagon and Don Felder.

The video, which you can watch above, starts with a personal message from guitarist Tommy Shaw, who thanks fans for their support through an “incredible” year.

The tour was such a success that a repeat run has been scheduled for early 2018. Styx are also booked to perform a five-night residency in Las Vegas next year, so these new shows are arranged around those dates.

The band’s first studio album in 14 years, The Mission, which includes “Radio Silence,” was released in June. Shaw admitted that he and co-writer Will Evankovich had developed the material in secret because they weren’t sure how to tell their bandmates that it was a concept album set in space in the year 2033.

“We kinda snuck around for a long time,” he said. “The idea of me coming to everybody else and saying, 'Look, Will and I have an idea for us to do an album about a mission to Mars' wasn't something I could confidently go in and talk about. I think everybody might have been overhearing little playbacks and this and that and the other and they were getting curious. I'm sure there were some discussions on the bus when I wasn't around. There finally came a point where it was, 'Let's bring everybody in.’”

The Mission is one of those once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to be a part of something unique and special that’s happening in real time right in front of you," Evankovich added. "It is one of those albums that musically and cosmically showed you the next right thing to do every step of the way. I will forever be grateful and proud of what we did in this body of art.”

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