Have you ever ended up in a battle with a coworker over something stupid?  Many do. From Cracked.com, here are Petty Things That Can Start A War At The Office:

1. The Thermostat. Half the people are always too hot, the other half are always too cold.  Ugh!

2. The Coffee Pot. How strong do you make the coffee? You'll never be happy with coffee that the previous person made.  And then there are always those that don't clean out the old coffee grounds or coffee pot.

3. Kids' Fundraisers. No one likes it when they have to buy candy or other junk, especially those on diets. Although, everybody seems to love Girl Scout Cookies.

4. Office Pot Lucks. If there's a celebration, and everyone is asked to bring food, there are three types of people: those who actually care about what they bring, those who bring whatever is within arm's reach at the moment they remember they're supposed to bring something; and those that bring nothing but eat anyway.

5. Burned Microwave Popcorn. The smell never goes away, not to mention that the microwave gets covered in a brown film that is impossible to get out.

6. Failing to Reset the Timer on the Microwave. It drives the person after you crazy to have to constantly have to hit the Cancel button if you stopped the microwave before the timer goes off.  Reset it!

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