Above is a clip from the sketch comedy group Studio C. My daughter introduced me to the show above and from there I just had to see more from Studio C.  It's fair to say I became addicted because these guys are so clever!  All the sketches vary in length but are mostly on the short side which is great when you have a few minutes to kill between things.

All of the sketches are performed by the current members of the comedy troupe Divine Comedy. They produce good, clean television that the whole family can enjoy. Studio C is produced by Brigham Young University tv (BYUtv) and filmed at the BYU Broadcasting station in front of a live studio audience. They are currently in their 4th season. You can find many of their episodes and skits on youtube, and you can also catch them Mondays at 10pm ET/8pm MT on BYUtv. I hope you enjoy their comedy as much as I do!

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