If you are not a fan of wearing a mask out in public, here's something you should know. Due to an Executive Order signed by Governor Cuomo yesterday, if you enter a store without wearing a mask, the store can legally kick you out. Many stores have already created their own policies for mask wearing but now store owners have the official backing of the state.

The Governor stated in an email yesterday to New Yorkers, "People may choose to put themselves at risk but they don't have the right to jeopardize the health of others. And business owners need the authority to protect themselves and their customers. Widespread mask-wearing is an effective tool against Coronavirus, and I continue to remind all New Yorkers that the law requires each of us to wear a mask in public. New York is one family, and we all have to look out for each other."

Now, here's some good news from the Governor...

Across New York State, COVID-19 numbers are continuing to go down. Coronavirus related hospitalizations fell to 4,010, from 4,208 the day before. The number of new COVID hospitalizations fell to 163, from 181 the day before.

In addition, the NY State Department of Environmental Conservation is going to help us all discover fun recreational outdoor opportunities to take advantage of by hosting a virtual series called Adventure at Home.  This week, Fish NY staff offered tips and tricks on how to get started fishing from anywhere in the state. State parks, trails and beaches remain open for safe and socially distanced walking, hiking, biking and more.

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