Per a report by Sara Rizzo of ABC News 10, New York State's Historic Business Preservation Registry has added Stewart's shop to its inaugural class of historic New York businesses.

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The Registry was created in 2020 to honor New York businesses that have contributed to their communities over the course of at least 50 years. According to the New York Parks website, in addition to being honored as an integral part of New York communities, businesses on the registry will also receive educational and promotional assistance to ensure they remain as part of their communities.

To be added to the registry, a nominated business must be sponsored by an elected state official, and each official can only sponsor two businesses per term.

Stewart's was inducted by Senator Jim Tedisco and Assemblywoman Mary Beth Walsh. Per Rizzo's report, the chain has been in business for 77 years, has 354 shops in New York and Vermont, and donates roughly $7.5 million to charities each year. Stewart's is considered a road trip staple for many New York families, best known for their ice cream.

Senator Tedisco stated that "Stewart's Shops are more than just stores, they are community centers and truly deserving of statewide recognition and induction into the New York State Historic Business Preservation Registry."

Locally, the nearest business on the registry to Binghamton is Mayhoods' Sporting Goods in Chenango County, which opened as a bait shop in 1960 and evolved into a full sporting goods store. As of now, there are no Broome County businesses inducted onto the registry, but businesses that believe they qualify for induction can contact their elected representatives directly.

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