Remember when you were a kid enjoying a play day outside in the freezing cold Upstate winters?  Nothing was sweeter to your ears than when Mom yelled out the door, "come on in kids, the soup is ready."

Well, it is still kind of like that up here.  Every restaurant, both big and small, features a good homemade hot cup of soup on their menu, usually from September to March.

Here is a sampler list of 13 restaurants spread all over the Upstate region that serve up a particularly good cup of soup.  So enjoy, and.....come on in, the soup is ready!

"M-M-M-Good, Soup is Ready!" 13 Delicious Places in Upstate NY for a Cup of Great Homemade Soup

Snow is blowing, temps are falling and you are thinking, "Yes, it is soup time!" Every restaurant worth their salt makes a good homemade soup around this time of the year. Upstate winters can be rough, and a hot bowl of soup at the local diner or restaurant sure helps the winter's day move along. Here is a sampler of 13 places that serve a delicious hot cup of homemade soup. Of course the list could be over 100, but we like these places, scattered all across the Upstate region, for their taste, creativity, and downright "m-m-m goodness!"

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