After most Capital Region indoor venues put a mask requirement into place, a couple shows at SPAC will now be requiring proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test.

I guess the good news is the shows will go on. But after COVID restrictions were ended earlier this summer, some local venues and now some shows are taking their own precautions amidst the recent surge of COVID due to the Delta variant.

On the heels of the announcement his week that numerous indoor venues are bringing back a mask requirement for shows, a New York Upstate story says a few rock bands coming to SPAC this summer will now be requiring attendees to show proof of vaccination or proof of a negative COVID test within 48 hours of the show. The shows adding the precaution are Dead and Company August 27th and Maroon 5 on September 13th. Only those with proof of vaccination will be allowed into the pit for both shows. It is up to the artists at this point whether or not to add COVID precautions above and beyond state guidelines.

At this point, there is no requirement for these measures in New York. None of the shows featuring Country acts (Willie Nelson/Outlaw Fest September 12th, Kelsea Ballerini w/Jonas Bros. September 28th, Zac Brown Band October 3rd) have announced any plans for further COVID precautions.

There is one side of me that is super frustrated that we are back to this point. After a promising start to the summer with our full reopening, it is just disappointing to be back in a place where we need to take these measures. That said, with the recent surge, the last thing we want again is show cancellations. We don't want to miss out on entertainment, and most importantly, I would hate to see the livelihoods of everyone working in the industry affected again. Maybe a good dose of precaution will keep all these shows on the road this summer.

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