With Jennifer Lawrence hosting, it was finally time for SNL to go after one of the biggest cultural phenomenons in the world: 'The Hunger Games.' The sketch finds Lawrence back in the shoes of Katniss Everdeen, fresh off her joint victory with Peeta and ready to take on the only thing more horrifying than the games themselves: the press conference that follows them.

The world of 'The Hunger Games' gives the SNL writers and cast plenty to play with, from the absurd names to the bizarre fashions to Wes Bentley's facial hair (rocked here by Bill Hader). However, the funniest running joke in the skit is more specific and will only be truly appreciated by people who have seen the movie or read the book. While everyone has plenty of questions for Katniss, Peeta sits there quietly, ignored by everyone...unless he's being mocked. It's a pitch perfect take on Josh Hutcherson's performance and delightful skewering of a character who frequently seems helpless and useless.

Ultimately, it's a boilerplate "awkward press conference" sketch, but the theming and the always game cast make it work. Watch it right under this sentence:

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