Valentine's Day is one of those divisive days. Some revel in the absolute schmoop factor of the day, while others dismiss it as useless manufactured cash grab. Some bemoan others throwing their relationships around.

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No matter your perspective, there are other ways to see the day through. Some are for a good cause, others are just downright funny.

Help animals and give an ex a salute

As we wrote about earlier in the week, animal shelters across the country are raising funds on Valentine's Day via cat excrement. You submit your ex's name along with a donation, and they will put it into a new cat box. On Valentine's Day, the cats will leave their gifts behind all over the submitted names.

The San Antonio zoo has done similar fundraisers. You send in a donation with the name of an ex, and the option is to either name a rat or a cockroach. The animals are then fed to bigger predators. The campaign has raised about $235,000 since 20202. That's a lot of bitterness!

History happened here

Alternatively, you can go full Roman. Valentine's Day originates from Lupercalia, a fertility festival which took place in mid February. During this time, men sacrificed goats and other livestock and then proceeded to whip women with the hides of the dead beasts, claiming it boosted fertility. We don't recommend doing any of this, but going out dressed as a (bloody) Roman may pave the way for a fun night.

Whatever it is you choose to do with your day, try to stay sane. You have 364 days to prepare for the next one!

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