Brace yourself for this one.  You may be shocked at how much sugar you are consuming in some of your favorite beverages.  According to "Rethink Your Drink", the average American eats almost 100 pounds of sugar and other calorie-rich sweeteners a year.

That breaks down to about almost one quarter pound per day. That's a lot of sweetener in a day!  Look at the picture above and see the crazy amounts of sugar in those featured drinks.

Just be aware and remember, you'll find no sugar, sweeteners or calories of any kind in water.

Here are your favorite drinks and the sugar they contain:

  • 12 oz Coke: 39g
  • 44 oz. Big Gulp: 128g
  • 20 oz. Mountain Dew: 77g
  • Red Bull: 27g
  • Sobe Tea: 61g
  • 20 oz. Sunkist: 84g