Political signs are everywhere right now, dotting neighborhood landscapes everywhere and with it, the theft of those signs. No matter how you feel about a political candidate and your neighbor that may be showing off a political sign in their yard: one you very much disagree with, don't get any ideas to steal it or you could be prosecuted.

That's the warning of Delaware County Sheriff Craig DuMond who says that theft, along with altering or defacing political signage is a crime punishable under the New York State Penal Law. This reminder has come about due to a number of reports from area residents who have had signs from their property stolen.

Sheriff DuMond remarked, “Nowadays, many property owners have installed video surveillance systems, trail cameras and the like to digitally record trespassers and criminal actions as they take place. These systems are an eye witness and critical in assisting law enforcement…I strongly encourage people not to engage in trespassing or stealing political signs. It simply isn’t worth it”, the Sheriff concluded.

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