Are you ready for some more great rock and roll history?

On this day in 1965, the Beatles' cartoon series premiered in the US. The first story was titled 'I Want To Hold Your Hand,' and in it cartoon versions of the band explored the sea floor and met an octopus.

In 1973, The Rolling Stones' single "Angie" was so successful that it brought the album "Goats Head Soup" to Gold. 

In 1979, The Eagles' album, "The Long Run" started right out at #2 on Billboard Hot 200. The next week it hit #1, pushing Led Zeppelin's "In Through the Out Door" back down. The record has sold over seven million copies to date in the US alone.

In 1980 on this day, Led Zeppelin were rehearsing at Jimmy Page's house to get ready for their upcoming tour in America preparation when drummer John Bonham was found dead in his bed at 32. The cause of death was excessive alcohol consumption. In December, the group announced that they were going to be disbanding, saying they could not continue performing and recording without Bonham. 

led zeppelin

In 1982, Queen made a guest appearance on Saturday Night Live and performed 'Crazy Little Thing Called Love' and 'Under Pressure'.

In 2000, A collection of writing sent by Janis Joplin in 1965 to Peter DeBlanc, who was her fiance at the time, went up for auction on eBay. The collection included 57 letters, five cards, a telegram, a college essay, and drawings. The listing was posted by DeBlanc’s ex-wife.

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