Film Otsego's social media post today made me do a double take. It was a photo of original scream queen Lynn Lowry holding an award of recognition flanked by Route 20 co-president Phil Durkin, Otsego County Film Commissioner Greg Klein and Richfield Town Supervisor Dan Sullivan. Was this THE Lynn Lowry, who worked with George Romero and David Cronenberg? Why yes, it was.

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Lynn Lowry is a legend in the horror movie business. Born in 1947 in Illinois, she is an actress, screenwriter, and producer. She appeared in two keystone horror films of the 1970s: George A. Romero's The Crazies in 1973, and David Cronenberg's Shivers in 1974.

A Legend Works Locally

But it's a 1970 film entitled I Drink Your Blood that draws a connection to our region. Directed by David E.Durston, and featuring L, the exploitation horror movie was shot on location over a period of eight weeks in Sharon Springs, New York. The film became an issue for curious locals due to conflict with Durston, the film's director. Locals called the Sherriff on him at one point while he was directing a particularly emotional scene, claiming that he was abusing the staff.

Honor and Recognition

Lowry was back in our area recently to film “The Girl Who Wore Yellow Lace.” Film Otsego and the Route 20 Byway honored Lowry this past Saturday at the Lake House in Richfield Springs. She was presented with a plaque that recognized and honored her for making films in the region for over 50 years.

Film Otsego via Facebook
Film Otsego via Facebook

“Lynn is a legend in the horror genre and it was our honor to recognize her accomplishments,” Klein said.

Klein also noted that our area is becoming known as a place to film horror movies, which is exciting news for any local fans of the genre.

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