A man in Schoharie County, near Schenectady, New York captured a crystal-clear photo of what appears to be a bright spot in the sky with a beam underneath it over Vroman's nose in Middleburgh recently.  The photo taken by Lance Manning was shared with a Facebook group specifically for Middleburgh residents and has gotten quite a bit of attention.

In the Facebook post, Manning explains where he was in Schoharie County when he saw the bright light and beam in the sky. He says that he was, "Driving on I88 (and noticed it) just as (he was) coming down the hill to the Schoharie exit.  Or on Route 7."

Many of the subsequent comments were from those who have either had similar experiences or have heard from others in that area who claim to have seen the same thing.

Here's what others in the Schoharie County area had to say

"Growing up my uncle told me he seen one over their house in Livingstonville, I don’t know if he swears by this story or if he was just telling a gullible child a made up story.. but you never know." - Bunny Rabbitt

"I seen something strange in that same spot a few years ago. Still have no clue what the heck it was but freaked me out." - Rebecca Slater

"We live in Livingstonville and we’ve seen some odd lights over the mountain towards the Gilboa area." John Odell 


Light Beam/UAP over Schoharie County, New York

Photo: Lance Manning Facebook
Bright light near Vroman's Nose in Middleburgh

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