The National Transportation Safety Board released its report into last October’s fatal crash of a stretched limo in Schoharie that claimed the lives of 20 people. Among its findings are that the crash was not survivable for the limousine driver and the passengers were not wearing lap and shoulder belts. Recommendations include installation of belts for all passenger seating positions in modified limousines and enacting a law requiring all rear seat passengers to wear seat belts.

Following the release of the report, on Tuesday, NY State Senator James Seward made the following comment:

"Families who lost loved ones deserve action. They have made it their mission to ensure others won’t have to experience the grief and pain they now live with. While the state senate adopted a number of bills this past year, including a measure requiring the use of safety belts, a consensus with the assembly was not reached. There is no excuse to wait any longer. The time is now to update our laws, enforce those already on the books, and improve limousine safety.”

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