If you get a thrill every time you see an eagle then we have just the place for you to check out that has only been around since the Fall of 2020. I'm talking about the Schoharie County Eagle Trail which was designed specifically for bird watchers who want a great chance of seeing a majestic Bald Eagle in its natural habitat. The Bald Eagle is not only a symbol of our great nation but is recognized by the Iroquois Nation as the "Protector of Peace" according to sceagletrail.com.

This trail has gotten a lot of buzz since its creation since there is nothing quite like it in New York State. The idea and development of The Schoharie County Eagle Trail came from nature photographer Bill Combs Jr. of Cobleskill who loves to photograph Bald Eagles and has taken a number of stunning photos after observing these amazing birds for hours on a daily basis. Talk about dedication!

It's amazing how far the Bald Eagle has come in our country. Back in the early 1970s, the Bald Eagle was on the brink of extinction with only one nesting pair in all of New York State. But when the DEC banned the use of the deadly insecticide DDT (dichloro-diphenyl-trichloroethane) which was used to protect crops, the eagle population was able to slowly increase and now, it's estimated that there are around 400 active nest sights in our state. That means eagles are able to thrive again and can be seen all around our region.

The Schoharie County Eagle Trail leads those who want to enjoy the beauty of nature while laying eyes or binoculars on some Eagles along the way, to different places in Schoharie County where these majestic birds of prey are likely to be seen. You can see the trail map below with the following locations are currently listed on the trail:

via www.sceagletrail.com
via www.sceagletrail.com

Current Observation Points below are referenced on the Google Map above. You can also click here to go directly to the map to zoom in closer on viewing sites and hot spots.

1.) Sterling Insurance Group Viewing Site
2.) Eagle Hot Spot
3.) Cobleskill Reservoir Viewing Site
4.) Eagle Hot Spot
5.) Eagle Hot Spot
6.) Eagle Hot Spot
7.) Central Bridge Viewing Site
8.) Timothy Murphy Park Viewing Site
9.) Franklinton Vlaie Wildlife Management Area
10.) Franklinton Vlaie Wildlife Site
11.) Eagle Hot Spot
12.) Eagle Hot Spot
13.) Eagle Hot Spot
14.) Mine Kill State Park Viewing Site
15.) Gliboa Dam Viewing Site
16.) Eagle Hot Spot
17.) Mayham Pond Viewing Site
18.) Eagle Hot Spot
14A.) Carrot Barn Viewing Site

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Are you now inspired to hit the Schoharie County Eagle Trail? I am! Just don't forget your binoculars. Find out ALL about this great trail at www.sceagletrail.com.

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