If you've ever thought to yourself, 'Wow, I'd sure like to hear Sammy Hagar cover Depeche Mode,' then you're in luck. In a new interview, Chickenfoot drummer Chad Smith says he recently helped the Red Rocker lay down a new recording of 'Personal Jesus,' along with several other tracks.

"He's doing a record, I think it's called 'Sammy and Friends,'" the drummer tells WRIF 101. The album features guest appearances from various musicians that have played a role in Hagar's career. "He's got the old guys from Montrose . . . they did a couple tracks," Smith relates.

He also shed a little more light on the tracks Hagar cut with what he jokingly called "the new HSAS," featuring the Chickenfoot rhythm section of Smith and bassist Michael Anthony along with Journey guitarist Neal Schon. "He wanted to have me and Mike, so he called Neal Schon, who he's played with before, and we did a couple covers and came up with a new song," Smith says. "And it was really fun, man. Just a blast. I love playing with those guys. It's so fun.”

Along with the Depeche Mode track, the musicians also cut a new version of 'Going Down,' which Chickenfoot have played live. So far there's no release date for the album.

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