Sammy Hagar and the Circle have released a new song, "Crazy Times," giving fans the first taste of the upcoming album of the same name.

“We went into the studio to record in the fall of 2021 when the world was starting to come out of the pandemic bubble we’d all been living in," Hagar noted in a press release. "The lyrics for ‘Crazy Times’ just came from that new freedom we were feeling, the freedom felt unbelievable, but a little uncertain, too. We had to ask ourselves, ‘What are we doing here and what do we want?’

“Going back in the studio, creating and being with the music is just what felt natural," he continued. "And it was just so different from any record I've ever made. There was joy in the hard work, catharsis and the camaraderie we’d craved. It was like those two years of not being able to do very much fell away and we really all came together and let it out in the music and lyrics. We were able to express what we all felt.”

You can watch the video for "Crazy Times" below.

The new album was recorded with producer Dave Cobb in Nashville, but despite the location - and Cobb's history with genre acts like Chris Stapleton, Brandi Carlile and Sturgill Simpson - Hagar insisted he hasn't gone country.

"David Cobb said, 'I'm not gonna do anything that even sounds anything remotely country on this record,' 'cause I wanted to make an Americana record, a little bit less hard rock," the singer previously explained. "He goes, 'I wanna make Standing Hampton. I wanna make the record I grew up on, I wanna hear you and Mikey [Anthony] sing like you did in 'Top of the World' with Van Halen. That's what we're gonna get out of you guys.'"

Hagar is set to resume his Crazy Times summer tour alongside George Thorogood in August. The trek kicked off in June but took a break for most of July as both artists played separate headlining dates.

"A tour this size has been a long time coming, and it's definitely going to be worth the wait," Hagar declared at the time of the tour’s announcement. "The Circle and I are superexcited and ready to throw the party of the year with George Thorogood. We're going to take the music and party to a whole new level - 'Crazy Times' is an understatement."

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