To say that making pizza in his blood is probably an understatement. Bobby Angilletta , a 1995 graduate of Unatego High School has returned to Oneonta, NY to fulfill his destiny as the new owner of Sal's Pizzeria at 285 Main St. in Oneonta.

Circumstances seemed to line up like magic for this very experienced pizza-maker, turned professional drummer, turned pizza-maker again. He started at a young age by making pizza and learning the restaurant business at his uncle's pizzeria in Oneonta - Pizzaland and also in his father's as well - Mama Nina's in Oneonta. Even though he enjoyed the world of pizza, he decided to follow his passion as a drummer and left the area to pursue his music career. When the COVID pandemic arrived and businesses shut down, especially entertainment venues, his income as a drummer did too. That's when Angilletta decided that it was time to return to his family roots and once again follow his own passion for making pizza.

When he discovered that Sal's Pizzeria in Oneonta was for sale, he knew it was where he wanted to be and is now the owner and operator. I talked at length with Angilletta and he told me that his motto, is, "It’s not the pizza business, it’s the people business." Angilletta says that his great desire is to create an atmosphere with his staff that will foster the full enjoyment of family and friends coming together to savor delicious Italian food. That says a lot about his approach as a restauranteur and I am certain he'll do his father and uncle proud with his new endeavor. His passion for making pizza and desire to bring traditional favorite styles of pizza but add in some new, flavorful varieties shines through as he talks about his restaurant. He says he dreams of making Sal's a "destination pizzeria".

I have enjoyed Sal's Pizzeria many times over the years and have a feeling that I will continue to enjoy it, perhaps even more with Angilletta now at the helm. I am looking forward to seeing his business evolve.

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