According to a report by WABC, an Irish man completed his months long journey to row from New York City to Galway, Ireland on Tuesday morning.

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Departing from Chelsea Pier on June 14th, former professional rugby player Damian Browne spent 112 days rowing across the Atlantic Ocean before washing ashore in Ireland. And he completed much of the trip alone, with his partner Fergus Farrell being forced to abandon the trip after two weeks due to health concerns.

Browne is the first person to ever row from New York to Galway. Following the harrowing journey, he told WABC "I learnt that I crave connection with people around me and that's something that I really need to pour more time into, connecting on deeper levels with those people. It gives you a great perspective on what's important in your life."

Well he shouldn't have any trouble connecting with people now. He can now walk into any pub in Ireland and say "I literally rowed a boat across the Atlantic Ocean" and everyone will need to ask a dozen follow up questions. According to the report it isn't even the first time he's rowed across the Atlantic Ocean, and for good measure he's also climbed Mount Everest before.

A truly incredible accomplishment that most people wouldn't even consider to be physically possible. Browne accomplished something in a row boat that couldn't even be done by the Titanic, with his wife, daughter and Farrell waiting for him on the shores of his home.

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