There was a time when Iron Maiden's "Trooper" was just a killer song. Then it became a drink, joining a series of rock-star beer, wine and booze brands. Look through the following list for a look back at some of the best.

Music has always gone well with those particular things. But this new trend makes the connection explicit, as fans can now listen to their favorite songs while actually slurping down beverages with the band logo right on the front.

Groups like Kiss might simply add their name to an existing product, creating a keepsake for fans along the way. Other times -- like with Sammy Hagar's rum and tequilas, Pearl Jam's Faithfull Ale, or wines from Sting's vineyard in the Chianti region of Italy -- rock stars are intimately involved with crafting new twists on familiar alcoholic drinks.

All that's left after that is to come up with a marketing campaign suitable for a rock 'n' roll act, right? No problem!

Motorhead's Bastards Lager, for instance, was advertised as having been "distributed straight out of hell" – though it's actually made in Sweden. Whitesnake frontman David Coverdale has said his signature wine boasts "the spicy essence of sexy, slippery 'Snakeyness.'" Kid Rock even went so far as to manufacture onesies and do-rags emblazoned with the logo for his Badass American Lager.

Thirsty for more? Keep scrolling as we explore the most memorable rock star beer, wine and booze brands.

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