Virgin tycoon Richard Branson apparently offered a whole lotta cash for Led Zeppelin to reunite -- before Robert Plant set him straight on what is and what should never be. In fact, according to a new report from the Mirror, Plant ripped up a contract promising Led Zeppelin a final-tour guarantee of $800 million in front of a group of stunned promoters.

11/10 Update: According to the Guardian, Plant's publicist has declared this story is "rubbish." And yes, apparently, that's the entire quote.

"They have tried to talk him round but there is no chance," a source tells the newspaper. "His mind is made up, and that’s that."

The Mirror also detailed an evenly split proposed revenue cut for Plant, Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones. Drummer Jason Bonham, who has previously filled in for his late father on drums, was to earn a set salary. Everyone save for Plant had reportedly signed the contracts.

Branson was reportedly even willing to rename one of his jets "The Starship" in order to fly Led Zeppelin to venues on this now-scuttled tour.

Led Zeppelin hasn't performed together since 2007, in a show that was later released as 'Celebration Day.' Plant recently released a solo album, and then hit the road for separate dates. Page, meanwhile, has continued an ambitious Led Zeppelin reissue campaign.

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