Today, February 13th is "Radio Day", honoring a wonderful medium of delivering entertainment, news, and weather to audiences, well before TV or internet came about.  If you're like me, radio was a household staple growing up in rural New York.  At my house, we only got 3 TV channels, no matter how much time we spent trying to tune the giant metal antennae on our roof that looked more like it was transmitter calling out to spaceships than a tuner for the TV.

I lived on a steady diet of radio which kept me up on the latest music, which was always an important thing to know for school conversation purposes.  If you couldn't talk music, then forget it!  Now days, kids still listen to music of course, but there are so many ways of consuming it, that the biggest draw for a kid to listen to local radio is to hear school closings and delays.  Well, I guess there are some things that never change.

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