We always here that the key to a successful marriage is that you put the work in.  "Work".  What an awful word to use.  How about effort?  No matter because as it turns out, according to Researchers at Northwestern University, a successful marriage can be achieved simply by spending seven minutes, three times a year writing a quarterly-type report about your marriage.

How did they come to this conclusion?  Researchers studied 120 couples over two years. Half of those couples wrote quarterly reports on how their marriage was going and the other half did nothing different. Those, who wrote reports had better relationships. Researcher Eli Finkel says the process of writing a report has a positive effect on marital satisfaction, but also for other relationship processes, like passion and sexual desire. And here's more good news...the study found that there were positive effects no matter how long the couple had been married.

I don't know about you but if spending seven minutes three times a year makes for a happy marriage, why not do it?  This takes the "work" out of marriage.  Hip hip horay!

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