The former Christopher’s Restaurant in Oneonta was the starting location for a Saturday procession in support of Oneonta Police according to AllOTSEGO. Event Organizer Amy Smithling said “This is about the OPD and the support they deserve. This is not about us versus them. This is not a Trump Rally. This is simply a show of force to support the OPD!”.

In addition to private vehicles, several commercial vehicles and fire trucks took part in the parade. Oneonta Police thanked the community for its overwhelming support.

The OPD support rally was organized following Oneonta Police Chief Doug Brenner's removal of the "Thin Blue Line" flag that was hanging on the flag pole in front of the Oneonta Public Safety building. Community member speculation and concerns regarding the city's budget for OPD and other concerns about OPD support have been causing a stir on social media as of late. OPD responded to some of those comments in a facebook post on Oct. 14. See the post below.

The City of Oneonta Police Department appreciates the continuing support from the citizens of the Oneonta and...

Posted by Oneonta Police Department on Wednesday, October 14, 2020


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