At around 11:30pm on October 28th, 2023, the Oneonta Police Department was responding to a noise complaint call when they heard another noise - possible rounds being discharged from a gun. The noise complaint's location was in the vicinity of Spruce Street and Myrtle Avenue.

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OPD officers rushed to the location that they thought that the possible gunshots may have been coming from. They were joined on scene by multiple agencies: New York State Police, Oneonta Police and New York State University Police at Oneonta.

Press Release With Little Information Shared

An OPD press release states:

"A thorough search was conducted of the area that did not reveal evidence of a firearms discharge.

During the canvass of the area more than a dozen potential witnesses were contacted resulting in leads that have been assigned to the detective division.
The Oneonta Police Department will continue this investigation until all leads are exhausted. As this is an active and ongoing inquiry no additional information will be released."

Security Video May Reveal Details

Ring doorbell video from the neighborhood that allegedly captures the sound of the possible gunshots has been shared on social media. You can view the video by clicking here. The video depicts revelers out and about the streets during the weekend leading up to Halloween. Towards the end of the video, loud popping noises can be heard, and people can be seen running and scattering. The authenticity of the video has not been verified. Per the local scanner group on Facebook, citizens are assisting in the investigation, and the video is being reviewed by OPD.
Anyone with additional details regarding this incident are encouraged to call the Oneonta Police Department at (607) 432-1111.

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