On Saturday, the Otsego County Chamber of Commerce held its 2nd Annual Pickleball Tournament at Oneonta's Neahwa Park courts. The courts were filled with competitors and it was action-packed with tough competition. Coming out on top in the mixed doubles competition were Lorey Biesheuvel and Garret Cole (seen below).

via Otsego County Chamber of Commerce, Facebook
via Otsego County Chamber of Commerce, Facebook

Pickleball has always fascinated me ever since I learned of it a few years back. I would notice couples playing in the park and think, how fun it looked. It looks like a mini version of tennis since the court is smaller. I used to enjoy playing tennis years ago before I had arthritis in my knees and grew up playing badminton so it's been a while since I have played any racket sports. I thought I needed to be done with that. Then I very recently played pickleball for the first time with a friend and loved it! Pickleball seems to me like a fusion of tennis, badminton, and a little bit of table tennis thrown in and I didn't have any trouble physically with my knees after playing for an hour which I was very excited about.

The attraction to pickleball is mostly held by the older set (yes, that's me since I'm over 50) because there's less movement involved than in other racket sports like tennis. With that said, agility is still a must, along with good hand-eye coordination. The other thing that's great about pickleball is that the ball is kind of like a very brightly colored whiffle ball with holes in it, making it a lot slower than a tennis ball. The paddle reminds me of a table tennis paddle, only it has a hard plastic surface and it's a bit larger.

Will I be joining the Chamber's Pickleball tournament next year? That's highly doubtful since I am not the competitive sort, but I do enjoy physical activity that is fun and this sport is something I can easily get into. If you love racket sports but don't want to be running around all over the place, Pickleball might just be a great fit for you.

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You can find out more about this popular sport at Totalpickleball.com.

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