We all know early spring can be a rather gloomy, ugly landscape time of the year with brown grass, leaf and limb debris everywhere, not to mention a rather seemingly large amount of litter alongside the roads, sidewalks and even parks. That's why the City of Oneonta is asking city residents and anyone else who spends time in Oneonta and wants our "City of the Hills" to look as beautiful as we know it can by removing litter.

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The good news is, there are some incentives to pitch in and help with this nod to Earth Day community activity called Oneonta’s "Spring Pick-Me-Up” event which takes place April 24 and 25. Participants are asked to socially distance as they collect bags of litter which can then be dropped off at 56 Center St. in Oneonta, between Ford and Elm streets.

For each full bag collected, the person gets entered into a drawing to win a gift certificate to The Latte Lounge and Nina’s Italian Restaurant and gets to enjoy treats from Kings Kakery (bakery) that will be given out to participants while supplies last. It's first come, first served on the baked goodies so get out in Oneonta early to pick up litter to enjoy!

Talk about a win-win for our beautiful City of Oneonta! This would be a great opportunity to reconnect with friends or do something positive with your family. Either way, it's a wonderful way to give back to the community and to pay homage to Mother Nature and Earth Day by getting rid of trash on the ground.

To find out more about this event and other things going on in Oneonta, visit the City of Oneonta facebook page.

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