Ozzy Osbourne and former Cult guitarist Billy Morrison revealed they have a plan to survive under a bridge, living off free Coca-Cola and Chipotle meals if their careers ever collapse.

The conversation came during the latest edition of Ozzy’s Boneyard, the SiriusXM show hosted by Morrison, with Osbourne as guest. The pair was discussing how they’d both been injured over the past year; along with the health issues that forced the Black Sabbath icon to take most of 2019 off, Morrison fractured his forearm in a fall.

“I lay there and I said, ‘Well, you’ve fucking done it,’” Osbourne said of the midnight incident in which he broke his neck. “This was like calm. … You don’t want to move, because you go, ‘If I have done something, I might fuck it up.’ So then I said to Sharon – she goes, ‘What are you doing?’ It was two o’clock in the morning. I said, ‘I think I’ve broken my neck.’ She goes, ‘Oh, go on, get back in bed.’ I said, ‘No, darling – phone an ambulance.’ So that was it.”

Morrison agreed about the tranquil initial reaction. “When I did this," he recalled, "I fell off a wall, and I just laid on the floor and I went, ‘Hmm, yeah, that’s not good.’ Really calm.”

You can watch the exchange below.

Osbourne went on to lament what he called “one of the most fucked-up years of my life." “It’s just how slow it’s been," he explained. "It’s so slow. … So what I’ve been doing, about a month ago Sharon said, ‘This guy wants to do some writing’ and brought him in. I thought, ‘I’ve got nothing better to do.’ For what it’s worth, it may not be the greatest; it may be the greatest. I don’t know. It got me out of my head.”

He added, “You know me; I get a flu and two days later I’m back onstage.” This time, with the severity of the injury and the amount of recovery time required, he started thinking: “I’ll run out of cash, my wife will leave me, the kids ain’t gonna want to know.”

That led to the return of a standing joke. “Me and Oz have a plan," Morrison explained. "If everything turns to shit, he’s got a Coca-Cola machine ... ” -- which Osbourne noted "was donated free” – “ ... and a lifetime Chipotle thing. So we’re gonna be all right, even if we’re living under a bridge.”

“I’m gonna have the sign, ‘Kick my ass for a buck,’” Osbourne added.


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