There's nothing more rewarding than giving to those who could really use it and this includes senior citizens who may be alone in our community. To cheer lonely, perhaps homebound seniors during this difficult time, "Shoeboxes for Seniors, Otsego County, NY" organizer Lisa Costello-Nunez has been very busy collecting brightly decorated shoeboxes filled with new gift items that senior citizens in our county would enjoy this holiday season. The reward for those participating, myself included, is the great feeling of giving to those who truly appreciate being considered since our seniors can be forgotten sometimes.

In its 5th year, this local effort of a project that has been done nationally was started in Otsego County by Oneonta resident Costello-Nunez who noticed a great need in the community to pay more attention to our local and lonely seniors, many of whom have had to be isolated again this year as the coronavirus pandemic continues.

Boxes collected for the 2021 "Shoeboxes For Seniors, Otsego County" credit: Lisa Costello-Nunez)
Boxes collected for the 2021 "Shoeboxes For Seniors, Otsego County" (credit: Lisa Costello-Nunez)

Through a partnership with The Office for the Aging's meal delivery service, volunteers will be distributing the gift shoeboxes this week that have been collected from drop-off locations in Oneonta to seniors in need within the Otsego County community.

This year, people were really in the giving spirit as even more shoeboxes were collected than last year - a whopping 330! Costello-Nunez credits all the participants: businesses, schools, colleges, and individuals who donated and pitched in to help make it such a huge success this year. Well done to everyone involved!  

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CLICK HERE to find out more and see updates on how the project went this year from the Shoeboxes for Seniors, Otsego County, NY Facebook page.

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