The Otsego County Conservation Association, a non-profit organization dedicated to improving and protecting Otsego County’s air, land, and water is holding their annual Earth Festival, after having to hold an all-virtual event last year due to the coronavirus pandemic. The good news is that Earth Festival 2021 is at least going to be a hybrid event including virtual events mixed in with a drive-thru event. In addition, Earth Festival will take place over 3 days, April 22 through April 24.

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Area residents who have some items that are often difficult to recycle and wish to dispose of them properly can take advantage of the “Drive Through, Drop Off” collection event on April 24 from 11:00am to 2:00pm at the Meadows Office Complex on County Road 33W, just outside of Cooperstown. Allowable drop-off items include  small electronics and other non-recyclable items can be disposed of including everything from styrofoam to wine corks, tennis balls, inkjet cartridges and more. To get the full list of items you can bring click here. Drive-thru, Drop-off participants should NOT confuse this event with the county's "Hazardous Waste Day" where hazardous household chemicals, batteries and more are collected. That will be a separate event coming up this August. Advance registration is required  for the drop-off at


Over the course of the 3 days designated for Earth Festival, there will be a variety of virtual events taking place for anyone to participate in. A few highlights include a webinar called "Many Happy Returns" discussing some species beneficial to our local ecosystem that are being re-introduced to our area, a webinar on the controversial herbicide Glyphosate found in "Roundup", participate in a hike at George Bouckles County Forest, and enjoy a fun Earth Festival Trivia game. There are plenty of other offerings as well.

Learn the full schedule of events with details at

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