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Throughout the year free clinics for dogs, cats and ferrets will take place all over Otsego County for rabies vaccinations. Vaccinations are required for all dogs and cats in Otsego County, as incidents of confirmed rabies cases in raccoons continues. All dogs and cats 3 months and older must be vaccinated.

To receive free vaccinations for your pets a previous rabies vaccination certificate must be presented to receive a 3 year booster. The vaccine that is used gives 1 year protection for dogs and cats receiving their first vaccination and 3 year protection if they are receiving a booster! Ferrets must receive a vaccination each year.

All dogs must be on leashes and cats and ferrets must be in a carrying case. There is a limit of 15 pets per person. It is NYS law that any unvaccinated pet exposed to a rabid or suspected rabid animal be euthanized or quarantined for 6 months at owners expense. It is also NYS law that any unvaccinated pet that bites may be confined for ten days at a facility at owners expense.

Vaccinating your animals is very important, so take advantage of these free clinics! The dates and times are listed below:

Tuesday April 12th at the Worcester Town Barn from 6-8pm.

Thursday April 21st at the Richfield Town Barn from 6-8pm.

Wednesday May 4th at Neahwa Park in Oneonta from 6-8pm.

Thursday June 2nd at Clifton St. Park in Unadilla from 6-8pm.

Tuesday June 14th at the Edmonton Town Barn from 6-8pm.

Wednesday July 13th at the Morris Fire Department from 6-8pm.

Wednesday August 17th at Neahwa Park in anent from 6-8pm.

Tuesday September 13th at the Cherry Valley Town Barn from 6-8pm.

Thursday September 29th at the Burlington Flats Town barn from 6-8pm.

Wednesday October 12th at the Otego Fire Department from 6-8pm.

Wednesday December 7th at the Susquehanna Animal Shelter from 4-6pm.

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