A new Healthy Communities Program has been launched by the Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives and The Otsego County Chamber of Commerce, has been chosen as one of ten chambers to participate.  According to a press release, the Healthy Communities Program is designed to "help chambers of commerce lead effective and innovative community health initiatives and demonstrate the leadership roles chambers in smaller communities can play to strengthen quality of life and support equitable prosperity."

During the year-long program, Barbara Ann Heegan, President/CEO of The Otsego County Chamber as part of the professional development program, will team up with community partner Bassett Healthcare Network's Dr. Henry Kurban, Medical Director of the Performance Improvement Department on the community health challenges of promoting Mental Health, preventing substance abuse, and preventing chronic disease.

Heegan states “Focusing on the importance of community health for residents will help the competitiveness and prosperity of local businesses. Healthy local economies attract talent, improve workforce productivity, increase employer net profits and boost business development, which can be tipping points toward economic vitality and equitable prosperity.”



Leaders who have been selected to participate in this 2018 Healthy Communities Program represent chambers of commerce in Arizona, California, Florida, Indiana, Montana, New Jersey, New York, Texas and Wisconsin and is funded with support from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Barbara Ann Heegan (TSM)
Barbara Ann Heegan (TSM)

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