With its blue and white packaging, distinct round shape, and black and white colors, the Oreo cookie is probably America's most recognized and loved cookie but did you know that it was born in New York?

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This weekend, the Oreo cookie celebrates its 110th birthday. It was March 6th, 1912, when two chocolate wafers formed a bond with white cream filling, and New Yorkers (including myself) were instantly hooked.

In 1890, a couple of New York City bakeries merged together to form a larger company and that company was called NABISCO. NABISCO stood for New York Biscuit Company and it was located in what we now call "Chelsea Market."

Things went really well for the NABISCO company and other companies took notice. Eventually, NABISCO merged with its rivals in Chicago and changed its name from New York Biscuit Company to National Biscuit Company.

In the grand scheme of things, the Oreo cookie might not be as revolutionary as the air conditioner or the microwave but it is something that Americans would miss if it weren't around anymore. I know I would.

Ways To Eat An Oreo Cookie

Americans have made a game of different ways to eat an Oreo. You can lick the middle, eat it whole, or dunk it in milk until it reaches the perfect amount of sogginess. Dunk it in a frozen mug of milk for the best results...at least in my opinion.

NABISCO has definitely capitalized on the Oreo over the years by coming up with new and sometimes completely random special edition versions of the cookie such as candy corn and pistachio.

For their 110th birthday, they are going to celebrate by releasing a special flavor called "Chocolate Confetti Cake." It'll have sprinkles galore and it'll be the first time that sprinkles were used in both in and on the cookie.

The new flavors do well for a short time because everyone wants a taste to see if they're any good but nothing compares with the original New York born Oreo.

As We Get Ready to Celebrate their 110th birthday, Here's A Oreo Mug Cake That You Can Bake

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