As you may already know, earlier this week, New York State reached the 70% benchmark for those 18 and older to be vaccinated for the coronavirus that Governor Cuomo set to remove almost all COVID-related restrictions in the state. That was certainly great news to hear and now, here's more great news for an Oneonta family: 14-year-old Jordan Gallusser won a full-ride, four-year scholarship to any SUNY or CUNY school, which includes room and board in the 'Get a Shot to Make Your Future' vaccine incentive. Imagine how happy his parents must feel! I entered my son who's headed off to college this fall to win and I haven't given up hope yet of him winning since there are still three drawings left. In each weekly random drawing, 10 winners across the state are chosen. There will be a total of 50 teens (age range of 12-17) winning scholarships.

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Is this incentive working here in New York State? Not as much as one would think, considering the cost of college. Governor Cuomo says, "Younger New Yorkers still have the lowest vaccination rates in the State, and this incentive offers 12 to 17-year olds a unique opportunity to make their futures in exchange for taking action to protect themselves and their loved ones." It should be noted that even though youth vaccination rates are the lowest in the state, that's probably because it hasn't been very long since the opportunity for that population to get vaccinated came about. Also, the only vaccine available to those 12 to 17 is the Pfizer vaccine. That vaccine hasn't been available at the SUNY Oneonta mass vaccine site for a while now. SUNY Oneonta is only offering the Janssen – Johnson & Johnson, single-dose vaccine for those 18 and older.

To learn of vaccine availability in your county, it's best to keep an eye on your county's health department webpage. Click on your county below to see more information.



There's still time to enter your teen into the 'Get a Shot to Make Your Future' vaccine incentive drawings. Visit to enter.

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