It's an alarming sight to see and one that causes immediate panic in parents: a school bus accident. Yesterday afternoon, at an intersection in Oneonta, NY that has been talked about as a dangerous one with heavy traffic, an Oneonta school district bus ended up striking the Hughson and Benson building on the corner of Main St. and Grand St.

Right after it happened, Oneonta School District Superintendent Thomas Brindley was quick to notify district parents through the school's online communication portal "Parent Square"...

Dear Yellowjacket Families,

The Oneonta Police and Fire are on the scene of a bus accident at the corner of Main Street and Grand Street. An Oneonta City School District bus has struck the Hughson and Benson building. Thankfully I can report that there were no students on the bus. The driver, bus monitor, and those in the Hughson and Benson building are all fine.

This is such a highly trafficked area and a sight such as this is quite frightening. As such, I wanted to share that all involved are okay as quickly as possible.

Thomas Brindley
Superintendent of Schools

The bus driver has not been identified and no other information at this time has been released as it relates to the cause of the accident.

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