SMU DataArts, the National Center for Arts Research, has ranked the Top 40 Most Arts-Vibrant Communities in America for 2019.  According to SMU DataArts, "Arts and cultural organizations are engines of community development and community cohesion. The arts provide culturally infused experiences that are consumed in an open, social setting, which is ideal for engendering social integration in a diverse marketplace. The current climate of political, sociocultural, and economic polarization makes it more important than ever to recognize and celebrate the essential role that arts and culture play in making communities throughout the country not only more vibrant places to live and visit but also more unified, safe, and tolerant."

The Arts Research organization determined the most arts-vibrant communities based on measuring community traits, such as the number of nonprofit arts and cultural organizations per capita.

Credit: SMU DataArts, facebook
Credit: SMU DataArts, facebook

On that list, Oneonta has been ranked #8 in arts vibrancy!  How amazing for such a small community!  Oneonta should be proud and this is a testament for all the hard work of the Community Arts Network of Oneonta (CANO), Destination Oneonta, the City of Oneonta, SUNY Oneonta, Hartwick College and other organizations and groups dedicated to keeping the arts alive and well in our community.

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