'Tis the season for cars being broken into in Oneonta, NY.  The reason?  It's simple: the weather is warm and people are out causing mischief.  If you think that because you live in a small town and it must be safe because nothing has ever happened to your property before, think again.

I can speak from first-hand experience that car break-ins are alive and well and have been going on for some time now in Oneonta.  My family vehicle which was locked, was broken into a few years ago.  Someone smashed the back window to gain access and nothing was stolen but some change and a cheap flip phone luckily.  Fortunately, because our car was locked, insurance covered the smashed window.

Vehicle break-ins are more common than you think.  In fact, The Oneonta Police Department just issued this warning on their facebook page:

City residents have reported their unlocked vehicles have had items removed from them and a number of locked vehicles have had attempted entries made. Please remember to close and lock your windows/doors, keep valuables hidden from sight and be sure to secure any easily moved home and lawn decorative items when you are not home. Officers from the Oneonta Police Department will conduct patrols of all residential neighborhoods to detect and deter criminal activity, and we will do our best to notify residents of any concerns that they may observe. Please, if you see something suspicious, contact the police department at 607-432-1111 as soon as possible to let us know about it.

Thank you OPD for reminding us to make it harder for thieves and to be on the alert!  Please share this information with your neighbors, friends and coworkers.

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