Oneonta residents feel that Oneonta is a special, small city, but now a national magazine is reflecting that same notion. The City of Oneonta is featured in an issue of  Business View Magazine in which an article labeled Oneonta as “a small city with the heart and amenities of a big one”.

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Interviews with Oneonta Mayor Gary Herzig, Otsego County Chamber of Commerce Interim President Al Rubin, and Otsego Now CEO Jody Zakrevsky were featured in the article. What makes Oneonta so great? According to Mayor Herzig, "We have an airport, an interstate, a railroad, and a magnificent, beautiful, natural environment. We have opportunities for hiking, or boating, or skiing, or just about any outdoor activity." Herzig also brings up Oneont's proximity to Cooperstown, a big tourist destination, along with having two colleges and a tight-knit community.

The article also touched on the improvement projects made possible by the Oneonta Downtown Revitalization Initiative that are well underway with the goal of creating additional affordable housing and improving the look of Downtown business facades and giving people more reasons to come Downtown.

Al Rubin, comments on how the COVID pandemic has created a movement of people away from large cities to lesser populated areas and the need to take advantage of that exodus by making Oneonta a city that is attractive for new business and residents.

To view the article in Business View Magazine click here.

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