It's been almost one month since a major renovation project began at the Oneonta History Center on Oneonta's Main St. The history center is the baby of the Greater Oneonta Historical Society (GOHS) which began back in 1939 and is the oldest building on Oneonta's Main Street.

GOHS' Director, Dr. Marcela Micucci, who as an Oneonta native returned to the town of her childhood after the COVID-19 pandemic kicked in, has been sharing the History Center's renovation progress on the Oneonta History Center Facebook page.

The last time I spoke with Micucci, she said that the renovation project is expected to run through April and there certainly will be quite a few changes going on. Renovations to the gift shop, entryway, and temporary and permanent exhibition spaces are happening. This is all possible thanks to the Oneonta History Center receiving the Humanities NY Sharp Action Grant. Along being able to do the renovations to the center, with that money, GOHS is able to fund a new permanent exhibition to be called “Small Community, Big Ideas: Greater Oneonta” which will update the former permanent exhibition with new materials not seen before at the History Center.

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If you're wondering if the third-floor space will ever be restored to a ballroom where community members once enjoyed dances, there's no telling but it has been on the GOHS "wish list" of projects for a long time and no doubt requires a great deal of funding. Considering that Micucci's has successfully acquired considerable funding after her short stint as the head of the organization, I think it's fair to say that the chance of the ballroom being restored in the future is more likely than it has ever been.

Stay up to date with the renovation project on the Oneonta History Center Facebook page.

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