Here's a lesson from an Oneonta, NY business for anyone who believes they will either not get the COVID-19 virus or that it's a figment of everyone's imagination...

Mane Street Cutters, a hair salon located at 297 Main St., Oneonta put the following message on their facebook page:

"We want to let everyone know we have had a positive case at the salon. We have been working diligently with the state to keep it under control. All those with possible exposure have been contacted. The rest of us have been tested, waiting for the results. We will keep everyone informed. We have decided to close the salon until July 24th just to be extra cautious. Thank you for your understanding during these crazy times! P.S. Yes, the stylist that is positive, followed every protocol there was to keep from getting sick!"

What this translates to is that we ALL must do our part in stopping the spread of the coronavirus as best we can. If we stop diligently washing hands, wearing masks, and social distancing (when possible) then we'll end up where so many other states are right now - with high numbers of coronavirus cases. Please do your part since "we're all in this together" and no one will escape the impact of this virus on our country and the world. Thank you Mane Street Cutters for your diligence to slow the spread of this devastating virus!

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