If you've driven on Dietz Street in Oneonta recently, you've probably noticed that work has begun on a portion of the former Dietz St. parking lot on a mixed-use building called the "The Lofts on Dietz" . Crews have been preparing the ground for a $19 million project to build a four story structure that will have nearly 65 apartments for both families and artists. Developers say some of the apartments have features making them suitable for those with mobility issues or individuals with hearing or vision impairments.

The Lofts on Dietz will also house the Hartwick College Grain Innovation Center. Grant funded, the center will be a "resource for testing and education that supports small and mid-sized breweries, malthouses, farms, and other craft food and beverage producers."

The Lofts on Dietz project, expected to be completed late in 2023, certainly hasn't been without opposition. In fact, a lawsuit was brought against the City of Oneonta by Town of Oneonta resident and Oneonta business owner Johna Peachin and others claiming that the project would impact their quality of life and negatively impact their business. Peachin and the others that filed the lawsuit claimed that the project would obstruct their views, lengthen their walk to exercise at the YMCA, and to cause their customers to walk further to access their offices. However, Otsego County Supreme Court Judge Michael Coccoma dismissed the lawsuit. Judge Coccoma commented, “the conclusion is inescapable that the Planning Commission identified the relative areas of concern (including parking); it took a hard look at them; and it provided a reasonable elaboration of the basis for its determination”.

Lofts on Dietz, TSM Oneonta
Lofts on Dietz, TSM Oneonta

With the project underway, it won't be long before Oneonta sees more residents downtown and hopefully, that will spur more businesses that we can all enjoy and once more, a thriving downtown district that becomes a destination for area residents and tourists.

For more information on the Lofts on Dietz Street project visit www.oneonta.ny.us/lofts-dietz-project.

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