Credit: LoopAll, Thinkstock
Credit: LoopAll, Thinkstock

Maybe you've heard the news that an action packed motion picture "The Fallen Kingdom" featuring Rupert Boneham from CBS' "Survivor" will be filmed in Essex and Otsego Counties starting in August by Plue Entertainment Inc.?  We've been in contact with Joel Plue and Lori Kelly Bailey who are the Writers, Producers, and Directors of this film which will involve many SUNY Oneonta students behind the scenes, including our very own radio station intern, Becca Daly.

What's this movie about?  Here's the synopsis:

"With the death of the good King Hew, the power of the throne will shift to his eldest, and most evil son (Gylmyne). In the years that follow, Gylmyne will squander his father's fortune, torture his servants and banish his own brothers from the Kingdom. He will start several wars while attempting to annihilate all of the mystical creatures of the land.  One of King Gylmyne's brothers; (Valter) will rise up, return to battle Gylmyne, and bring with him the unified force of the Dragon's of the forest, the cave dwelling Orcs, and the Loch Ness Monster.  The Fallen Kingdom is an action packed fantasy, filled with Swashbuckling Adventure, Mystical Creatures, Magical Potions, Fair Maidens, and One Evil King's quest for total control."

Find out more as Lori speaks with the movie's star, Rupert Boneham

As fundraising efforts for this local film continue, you can meet Rupert via Skype and have a chance to win an all expenses paid trip for 2 to Vegas at the "Fallen Kingdom Kickoff Party" at Legends Filling Station, 84 Main St. in Oneonta on Saturday, April 18th from 8pm to 10pm.  Admission is $5 and all ages are welcome with wrist bands available for those under 21.

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