There’s the possibility of more snow over the coming weekend, which means that you may not be able to park on the streets in Oneonta if there’s a snow emergency. What many residents forget, is that when you can’t park on the street, you can park in the local parking structure and other municipal lots for free without restriction, so that streets can be cleared of snow easily and plows can move freely.

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At Monday’s Oneonta Common Council Legislative Committee meeting, city officials talked about how to get residents to use alternative parking. Right now, if you park on the street on a snow day, you can receive a $30 ticket. Over 200 tickets were issued during a recent snow storm, with only about half of alternative parking options being used, and the committee discussed raising the fine to $100 to deter street parking during snow emergencies.

Raising the fine appears to be the most viable option, as towing multiple cars just isn’t practical.

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